Playpen Labs

We build and launch software products using design thinking and agile development. Our goal is to scale projects into scalable businesses. In addition, we work with clients to do onboarding, help desk consulting, web development, user research and testing.

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Building an app takes more than just code
We are sometimes approached by new entrepreneurs or non-technical professionals seeking software development services. Many of these people are in the idea stage and are seeking a ‘coder’ to help build their web or mobile app.
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Onboarding For B2B Software
Successfully onboarding new users is fundamental to all software-as-a-service (SaaS) businesses. Onboarding can be defined in different ways, but at its core, it is to have customers achieve success in their applicable goals by using your product and for them to see this value.
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Dysfunctional Relationships - Product Management and Customer Support
Support teams talk to customers every day. Product teams need to know what users struggle with and how they use and experience the product. Teams don’t actually know what users are asking, except as anecdotal, gut feel analysis.
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The Team
Hadiyah Mujhid

Fifteen years experience developing software and systems. Previously, at Lockheed Martin, she's worked on naval communications and satellites. She has also worked with foreign governments to design and install software as a part of national security programs. Most recently, Hadiyah has worked with startup teams to build web and mobile based solutions and implement agile best practices.

Morten Lundsby Jensen

Spent six years with Google in Europe and the US working on various aspects of Google advertising products for small and medium sized business globally. Most recently lead a team building online support and education websites for Google’s AdWords advertisers, millions of small and medium sized businesses in 40+ languages across 100+ countries.