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We build and launch software products using design thinking and agile development. Our goal is to scale projects into scalable businesses. In addition, we work with clients to do onboarding, help desk consulting, web development, user research and testing.

Onboarding For B2B Software

Successfully onboarding new users is fundamental to all software-as-a-service (SaaS) businesses. Onboarding can be defined in different ways, but at its core, it is to have customers achieve success in their applicable goals by using your product and for them to see this value. The onboarding experience encompasses every interaction (both internal and external to the product) between the company and the user until this success is met.

We’ve worked with companies that do a variety of onboarding implementation. Some companies have a complete self-service, in-product, approach to onboarding. Others may have a high-touch concierge model which can include a dedicated account manager for in person or phone setup and training. Then there are companies that offer a range between the two. Deciding on the correct onboarding strategy is an integral part of both the product and business strategy. It is also important in the customer journey map as customers graduate to different levels within a product and may need additional onboarding to reach success at their new level. The different onboarding strategies account will incur varying costs depending on the strategy chosen. For example, having a dedicated account manager to do all setup and training may incur higher costs than the self-service model. However, depending on the stage of the company, goals, and growth strategy it may be the best option.

Overall, onboarding is a key factor for SaaS companies as as they become scalable and reach high growth. Being able to nail onboarding and reduce churn can make the key difference in the success of the company. And doing so with the most efficient use of team resources is always the ultimate goal.