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We build and launch software products using design thinking and agile development. Our goal is to scale projects into scalable businesses. In addition, we work with clients to do onboarding, help desk consulting, web development, user research and testing.

TinyHelp - Simple help widget with help articles and contact options
TinyHelp Overview

TinyHelp provides a simple help widget that offers users a few help articles relevant to the page they are on. If they have other questions or need more help they can send an email immediately. Content is managed through a simple CMS with a built-in workflow to help continually improve help content based on what users are asking. Top issues are shown by app location and help channel to know exactly which help articles need to be improved.

Project Details

TinyHelp is a working prototype available for teams to implement and test. The goals at this stage are to

  • Validate that the limited functionality of TinyHelp fits the basic needs of early stage product teams
  • Discover usability problems or issues with technical implementation
  • Gather user feedback and identify highest priority improvements for next iteration


  • Parse CloudCode
  • JavaScript