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We build and launch software products using design thinking and agile development. Our goal is to scale projects into scalable businesses. In addition, we work with clients to do onboarding, help desk consulting, web development, user research and testing.

WordsLiive - Defining Minimum Viable Product
Project Overview

WordsLivve is an educational service provider based in Washington, D.C. They are invited into classrooms across the nation where they have the opportunity to teach literacy skills through their program which leverages hip hop lyrics. We worked with WordsLiive to help turn their current in-person service into a scalable solution that can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. Creating a web application from a in-person service is often not a direct translation. The customers you service through your application are often different from your face-to-face customers and will have differect expectations and needs. Learning these differences in expectations and needs can oftened be equated with the process taken when starting a new business. We worked with WordsLiive to develop a step-by-step and cost efficient plan to launching their new web application using a minimum viable product (MVP) approach.

Project Details

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is an approach where a product is launched with only a core and minimum set of features. This approach is used to provide a minimum set of value to customers while simultaneously receiving feedback to help develop later features. This approach can be seen a cost efficient, as it includes your customer in the feedback process as early as possible. This is opposite to other approaches which may spend a lot of time development bulk features without input from customers.
We worked with WordsLiive to develop the core set of requirements for their MVP and developed to plan. Currently, WordLiive is in customer feedback stage before beginning with their next phase of features.

  • Defined and prioritized project requirements
  • Created and implemented user stories
  • Designed and  implemented visual interface


  • Ruby on Rails Programming Language
  • Prezi API