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Smart Sparrow - Building an Algebra Simulation Tool For Students
Project Overview

Smart Sparrow is an education technology start-up focused on the commercialization of an adaptive learning technology. The Smart Sparrow software tools are a web-based suite for the building of adaptive learning content and applications. Smart Sparrow needed an algebra simulation built on their learning platform for the purposes of demoing add-on capabilities.

Project Details

We worked with Smart Sparrow to design and implement an algebra simulation tool on their platform. The tool was to be used by high schools students and their teachers. Teachers use the Smart Sparrow application to define algebra problem sets. The simulation tool (used by students) simulated balanced equations based on problem sets defined by the teachers. As the student dragged coefficients and variables to either side of the “equal sign”, the display would interactively update to show the new balance equation.

  • Defined and prioritized project requirements
  • Designed visual interface
  • Implemented visual and interactive designs


  • Smart Sparrow API
  • Programming Languages: Backbone.js